About Me...

"There are ASPECTS OF my life I can't change, so I focus on the stuff that i can change: nutrition."

Besides my love for sciences and people, I have a fierce passion for holistic nutrition. This love affair started in 2009 when I ended up in a Food Science class by accident. The professor was lecturing about Sucralose and all the research that showed that it caused kidney cancer in rats...it was love at first sight!


Fast forward 9 years, after moving to Toronto and getting my RN licence I decided to finally start my Holistic Nutrition Training at CSNN. 


You are probably wondering why is nutrition such a big deal?


If dieting and counting calories were the answer, then we would have solved all our health problems decades ago!


Holistic Nutrition is more than just "eating the rainbow" and "moderation".


If moderation was the answer to all our questions, then the obesity problem would have been solved a long time ago...


Holistic Nutrition is about recognizing every individual as being BIOCHEMICALLY UNIQUE.


That's why, when others get confused about what healthy eating is and isn't, I get excited!



Aliona C.


RHN Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner

Licensed Registered Nurse

B.Sc Biochemistry 


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